Discover How We Co-Invested On These Recent Acquisitions To Create Passive Dividends...
Discover How We 
Co-Invested On These Recent Acquisitions To Create Passive Dividends...
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Most Recent Acquisitions & Case Studies
Whitehouse Manor Apartments
Learn How We Purchased This Value Add 76 Unit Apartment Building With Our Co-Investors. By Executing Our Business Plan We Refinanced In 16 Months Returning Everyone's Capital!

Gaslight Square Baltimore
This Unique Opportunity We Executed With Our Co-Investors. Our 80,000 SF Commercial Re-Development Will Provide Massive Upside And Cash Flow To All Involved! Not To Mention The Institutional Quality Existing Tenant Base.
Square Space Self Storage
Our Most Recent Acquisition Of This 250,000 SF Self Storage, 3 Property Portfolio, Will Provide Our Co-Investors With A Equity Explosion. We Were Able To Purchase This At 50 Cents On The Dollar. 
Create Your Journey:
Invest In Your Future
If we never took the risk of doing our first deal there is no way we would have retired early from our dream firefighting job. The lesson in all of this was by making small investments today in passive assets, the dividends grew and eventually outperformed our active income allowing us to retire before we were 40. The only way we could accomplish this was by having our friends and family become Co-Investors in our deals. See exactly how we did it by watching the case studies.

Dan & Ian 
Co- Founders 
Equity Warehouse

Words From Our Co-Investors
"The co-investing opportunities that Dan and Ian have presented me with, has allowed me to consistently deploy capital. More importantly I have been able to achieve consistent returns that off-set my exposure to the highly volatile stock market."
- Matt & Jackie Graves
"I have known Dan and Ian a long time but I still marvel that they are firemen. I have no idea how they find the time to serve as firemen, while simultaneously devoting the amount of time they spend on real estate. Moreover, although being a fireman requires skill and bravery, it does not require a deep knowledge of finance. Despite that, Ian and Dan consistently display a level of financial sophistication that I find rare among investors. When I speak with them I feel like I am talking to Wharton graduates, not firemen."
- Brian Parker
"When I got involved in my first deal with Dan and Ian they far exceeded my expectation. The deal performed as expected and I did not have to get my hands dirty once!"
- Pete Belden 
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1300 York Road
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1300 York Road
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